Your Blog Because the Centerpiece of the Social Networking Strategy

Here’s great news if you are a small company owner: social networking helps to level the arena. Previously, smaller sized companies could not contend with the advertising behemoths in reaching customers and prospects.

You can now by heading for your audience having a blog because the centerpiece of the social networking strategy. Consider your site as the home base. You need to get runners on first, second and third base but they have to mix the dish that you should win.

Feed Your Site to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Out of your home base, you are able to feed information straight to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and lots of other social networking sites where your clients are developing communities. Publish articles, which is immediately “pinged” to sites of your liking having a backlink for your blog – think runners crossing the dish when visitors come to your website. Particularly, you ought to have your blog because:

1. Your blog is really a cms, providing you with tremendous versatility. You may create the information, insert and delete copy, add videos, images and podcasts that market your company as well as your services and products.

2. Engines like google reward dynamic sites – that’s, they would like to see fresh content regularly. Then, search engines like google will be sending more and more people to your house base. Static websites just don’t work any longer. The website you are on now’s a WordPress blog, made to contain all the details present in a conventional website.

3. A 140-character tweet has its own place. However your customers need to know there’s a complete-company behind the tweet. Your blog can contain all the details you’d in your old website, but it is simple to make changes increase the data to reply to altering market needs.

4. You are able to invite visitors – clients, thought leaders, industry gurus – to create guest articles. People like PR to demonstrate their expertise.

5. Readers can leave comments in your blogs providing you with valuable market intelligence and endorsement of the ideas.

6. Visitors can sign up for your site. Imagine, a built-in audience for the articles, newsletters and surveys on important topics.

So, what exactly are you awaiting? Obtain a blog and go straight to your clients, such as the large players do.

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